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von Keyoti Inc.

Keyoti's Thesaurus products provide 60,000+ synonyms and antonyms either directly from your textbox using the inline Thesauruscontrol, or via a dialog based user interface. Setup is extremely quick and full documentation, API access and example projectsare included.

Provide your users with a powerful Thesaurus product

Adding Thesaurus to your application will help users better understand the meaning of words, the context to which they are used or simply find alternative words for their text.

Using synonyms, users can compare words with the same or related meanings and use these suggestions to not only better understand the context of the word but synonyms can also help the user write more descriptive text. An example of a synonym would be 'kind', 'considerate' or 'true', 'factual'.

Antonyms on the other hand are words with contradictory meanings. For example 'cold', 'hot'. Antonyms can also be opposite in their relationship for example 'buy', 'sell' or 'to', 'from'. 

Thesaurus Desktop .NET

What Sets It Apart

  • Open API
  • Customizable GUI
  • Flexible control usage

Thesaurus Desktop .NET is a Windows Forms control providing end users with thesaurus functionality and developers with a highly customizable, yetsimple to work-with component. The thesaurus contains over 60,000 terms with synonyms, antonyms and related words.


Dialog or context menu based integration

Dialog and context menu look and feel like popular word processor interfaces

Rich design time support + some source code

All components and controls supported in designer. Source code for dialog interface is included.

Open API allows great flexibility

The API provides a broad surface to program against:

    • Engine class provides methods for synonyms/related words
    • Dialog based User Control can be placed in any container
    • Context Menu menu-items can be easily integrated into existing context menus
    • Model-view-controller oriented architecture provides developers with ability to customize/replace major components

3rd Party control support

The built-in adapter component for "TX TextControl" provides full compatibility (context menu and dialog). The APIalso includes interfaces to allow new adapters for 3rd Party controls to be easily written.

Thorough documentation and support

The API docs, PDF user-guide and source code examples provide comprehensive coverage of development tasks.

Thesaurus for ASP.NET

What Sets It Apart

  • ASP.NET Thesaurus Control
  • Rich Design-time support
  • Cross Browser Support

Powerful Thesaurus control for ASP.NET web sites.

Provide users with a dialog based thesaurus with over 60,000 terms grouped together according to similarity, encouragingmore descriptive and accurate writing or simply helping users understand the meaning of words.


Dialog thesaurus interface

Thesaurus for ASP.NET is launched into a dialog user interface and presents the user with options to look up words, view meanings and replace witha synonym or antonym.

Visual Studio designer support

The dialog control fully supports Visual Studio in design mode.

Flexible API

The extensive API offers ASP.NET developers with greater control and advanced options when integrating Thesaurus for ASP.NET into their applications.

Cross browser support

Works with Internet Explorer 6+, and FireFox (Mozilla) 1+

Documentation and example projects

As well as a comprehensive API and PDF documentation, Thesaurus for ASP.NET also provides a number of Visual Studio demo projects.

Preise Thesaurus for ASP.NET

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Preise Thesaurus Desktop .NET

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