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SQL Developer Bundle

10 Tools für einfache, schnellere SQL Server-Entwicklung

SQL Developer Bundle

Mit dem SQL Developer Bundle von Red Gate sparen Sie bis zu 55 % im Vergleich zum Einzelkauf der 10 Tools. Das Bundle enthält:

  • SQL Source Control: Verbinden Sie Ihre Datenbanken mit Ihrem Versionsverwaltungssystem
  • SQL Compare Pro: Vergleichen und synchronisieren Sie Datenbankschemas
  • SQL Data Compare Pro: Vergleichen und synchronisieren Sie Datenbankinhalte
  • SQL Prompt: Schreiben, formatieren und restrukturieren Sie mühelos SQL-Code
  • SQL Data Generator: Erzeugen Sie im Handumdrehen realistische Testdaten anhand von Spalten- und Tabellennamen
  • SQL Doc: Erzeugen Sie automatisch eine Dokumentation Ihrer Datenbank
  • SQL Test: Schreiben Sie Komponententests in SQL Server Management Studio und führen Sie diese durch
  • SQL Multi-Script: Stellen Sie mit nur einem Klick mehrere Skripte für verschiedene Server bereit
  • SQL Dependency Tracker: Untersuchen Sie Objektabhängigkeiten und visualisieren Sie komplexe Datenbanken auf einfach Weise
  • SQL Search: Durchsuchen Sie blitzschnell Ihre Datenbank in SQL Server Management Studio

Tools in the SQL Developer Bundle

  • SQL Source Control
    Connect your databases to your version control system
  • SQL Compare Pro
    Compare and synchronize database schemas
  • SQL Data Compare Pro
    Compare and synchronize database contents
  • SQL Prompt
    Write, format, and refactor SQL effortlessly
  • SQL Data Generator
    Generate realistic test data fast, based on column and table names
  • SQL Search
    Search your database quickly in SQL Server Management Studio
  • SQL Doc
    Automatically generate database documentation
  • SQL Multi Script Unlimited
    Deploy multiple scripts to multiple servers with just one click
  • SQL Test
    Write and run unit tests in SQL Server Management Studio
  • SQL Dependency Tracker
    Explore object dependencies and visualize complex databases simply

Great for teams and individual developers


  • Collaborate better - share database changes and see who's making changes, when, and why.
  • Ensure consistency - share code, formatting styles, tests, documentation, and more.
  • Lean development - run unit tests early on and keep your team up-to-date with the latest changes.


  • Save time - code faster, compare and deploy schemas and data easily, and quickly produce documentation.
  • Make life simpler - run multiple tests at once, search a database, and save, search, and recover tabs in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Cut errors - track down inefficient or broken code, and keep your databases tidy and reliable with a complete list of any invalid objects.


Code SQL effortlessly

Take the routine out of writing SQL, with keyword completion, customizable snippets, and suggestions for completing INSERT, ALTER, and JOIN statements from SQL Prompt.

Code-completion: get keyword and object suggestions as you type, along with appropriate conditions for completing INSERTs, ALTERs, and JOINs.

SQL snippets: code as fast as possible and add your own favorite fragments to the list. Tab history: save, search, and recover your query tabs in SQL Server Management Studio.

Keep code readable

Make inherited code readable and keep developers working to the same standards, with SQL Prompt's single-click, customizable code reformatting.

Code reformatting: reformat any query to your preferred layout at the click of a button. Script summaries: get a summary of the actions any script performs, together with their order.

Customizable conventions: set the reformatting style that SQL Prompt uses to match the conventions you prefer.

Rapidly create fully-customizable test data

Create realistic, fully-customizable test data in a flash, with SQL Data Generator. Boost your database testing process and demo databases without sharing private data.

Future-proof your databases: test your databases with large quantities of realistic data and make certain they'll stand the test of time.

Comply with privacy legislation: generate realistic demo data and show your customers how your applications perform without sharing sensitive information.

Visualize object dependencies

Understand your databases' structure, including dependencies between related databases, without leaving SQL Server Management Studio, using SQL Dependency Tracker.

Dynamic exploration: drill down into complex areas, choose the simplest layout for displaying your database, and filter objects you don't need to show.

Work from SSMS: right-click a database or object in the Object Explorer to analyze its structure as you're working.


Track database changes to see who changed what, when, and why

SQL Source Control gives you a complete record of database changes, making it simple to follow, manage, and revert them.

Simple, safe versioning: check comments, and view SQL changes down to the line level, before accepting an update.

Risk-free experimenting: try out changes on your local version – if you don't want to keep them, you can revert with a few clicks.

Eliminate invalid objects

Keep your databases tidy and reliable with a full list of invalid objects, including details of the problem, with SQL Prompt.

Error highlighting: SQL Prompt lists the reasons an object is invalid, alongside its name and type.

Simple fix checking: to double-check your fix worked, just refresh the find invalid objects list.

Find and fix errors caused by database differences

Pinpoint differences between databases with a few clicks and bring them in line automatically, with SQL Compare Pro.

Pull out database differences: SQL Compare Pro finds every difference in database structure and highlights those lines of SQL, helping you isolate errors.

Bring databases in line fast: generate a SQL script to fix errors with a few clicks, or apply changes from the UI.

Restore damaged or missing data to a single row

Take the stress out of database repairs by syncing your lookup data at the row level, using SQL Data Compare Pro.

Work at the row level: sync data at whatever level you need – table, column, or row.

Quickly generate fix scripts: create scripts to bring your data back in line.

Write and run unit tests quickly and simply

Discover defects when they're cheapest to fix, and make continuous integration, agile development, and test-driven development achievable with SQL Test.

Code tests: write tests with T-SQL in SQL Server Management Studio and run with a single click.

Share tests with colleagues: check your tests into source control, alongside your code.


Database source control in SQL Sever Management Studio

Connect your version control system to SQL Server with the SSMS plug-in SQL Source Control, so you can source control databases without disrupting your workflow.

Share changes in two clicks: work straight from the Object Explorer to share your changes and get the latest updates.

Works with your source control system: plug your database code into Team Foundation Server, Subversion, Git, Vault, Mercurial, Perforce, and any source control system.

Compare and deploy database schemas and contents

Compare and deploy schemas and data with a few clicks, or generate SQL scripts to bring them in line, using SQL Compare Pro and SQL Data Compare Pro.

Save time syncing databases: set up comparisons in seconds, check the differences from an editable list, then specify the changes you want to sync.

Eliminate mistakes in deployment: automatically create accurate scripts for deploying database updates.

Compare from backups and deploy from source control

Roll out database changes directly from source control or straight from your backups, with SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare.

Sync from backups and script files: use native backup files, SQL Backup Pro files, or SQL scripts as the source for your database changes.

Deploy straight from source control: update databases straight from your source control system using SQL Source Control, also included in the SQL Developer Bundle.


Keep a complete list of database changes

Maintain an audit trail of every change to your schema or data, who made it, and why, with SQL Source Control.

Check change history from SSMS: inspect the date and author of each change, alongside their comments on the update.

View detailed differences in your code: examine the differences through a code view that highlights each change for each revision.

Hassle-free database documentation

Eliminate repetitive work, keep teams up to date, and satisfy audit requirements by rapidly generating complete database documentation with SQL Doc.

Instant documentation: generate database documentation, including object definitions and details about dependencies, with a few clicks.

Multiple formats: work with HTML, CHM, or Microsoft Word file formats.

Keep a visual record of database structure

Document the structure of your databases in visual format, for archiving, reporting, auditing, or database architecture, with SQL Dependency Tracker.

Export dependency information: print your diagrams, or export dependency information as an image, PDF, or XML file.

Track database evolution: keep a simple record of each phase in your database's lifecycle, for archiving, reporting, or auditing.