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SQL DBA Bundle

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SQL DBA Bundle enthält sieben erforderliche Tools, die Ihre SQL Server Datenbankanwendungstasks unterstützen.

SQL DBA Bundle

SQL DBA Bundle enthält sieben erforderliche Tools, die Ihre SQL Server Datenbankanwendungstasks unterstützen.

Backup und Recovery:
Schützen Sie Ihre Daten mit komprimierten, überprüften und verschlüsselten Backups und stellen Sie eine zuverlässige Wiederherstellung durch Backupüberprüfung sicher.

Beobachten Sie Ihre Server in Echtzeit, erhalten Sie die SQL Server Leistungsdaten und -alarmsignale, die für Ihr Unternehmen relevant sind.

Verändertes Management:
Erhalten Sie einen einfachen, klaren Überblick über Ihre Schema- und Datenveränderungen und synchronisieren Sie Datenbankveränderungen automatisch.

Verfassen Sie SQL schneller im SQL Server Management Studio oder Visual Studio, teilen Sie Codingstyles und generieren Sie volle Produktdokumentationen in wenigen Klicks.

Speicher- und Kapazitätplanung:
Machen Sie das Beste aus Ihrem Speicherplatz mit vier Ebenen der Backupkompression. 

  • SQL Backup Pro
  • SQL Monitor
  • SQL Multi Script Unlimited
  • SQL Compare Standard
  • SQL Data Compare Standard
  • SQL Prompt
  • SQL Doc


  • Backup and recovery
    • Protect your data with compressed, verified, encrypted backups.
    • Ensure reliable restores with backup verification.
  • Performance monitoring
    • Monitor your SQL Servers in real time.
    • Get performance data and alerts that matter to your business.
    • Improve server performance.
  • Change management
    • Get a simple, clear rundown of your schema and data changes.
    • Sync database changes automatically.
  • Productivity
    • Write SQL faster in SQL Server Management Studio.
    • Generate full database documentation in a couple of clicks.
  • Storage and capacity planning
  • Make the most of your storage space with four levels of backup compression.
  • Monitor data growth easily, so you can plan how best to deal with it.

Backup and recovery

Cut backup size by 95%

Use SQL Backup Pro's high-performance compression to create up to 95% smaller SQL Server backups. You'll save storage space and speed up network file transfers

Encrypt and protect your data

Protect your backups with 256-bit AES encryption. Protect your backups from onsite disaster with quick, simple, and secure uploads to the cloud.

Trust your backups

Use SQL Backup Pro to schedule regular backup and restore jobs from a central UI, and include an optional DBCC CHECKDB to fully verify your backups' integrity.

Performance monitoring

Stay on top of server performance

See at a glance if your server is behaving normally. SQL Monitor will calculate and display baselines for you, using performance data that’s collected every minute.

Custom metrics

Create your own custom metrics to monitor the data that's important to you and your organization. You can also  download custom metrics written by SQL Server experts.

Fix problems fast

Get alerted to problems within seconds, and respond quickly, using the embedded advice and suggestions. SQL Multi Script makes it easier and faster to deploy those changes.

Change management

Compare databases with ease

Compare and synchronize schema and data within SQL Server Management Studio, and generate T-SQL scripts to update one database to match another.

Eliminate mistakes

Speed up the deployment of new database schema updates, and eliminate mistakes migrating database changes, or copying lookup data, from dev, to test, to production.

Quickly restore data

Quickly fix problems by restoring damaged or missing data to a single row, without the need for full database recovery.


Save time writing SQL

Write SQL smoothly with unparalleled code-completion and customizable code snippets using SQL Prompt, an add-in for SSMS and VS. You can now also save, search, and recover tabs in SSMS.

Generate database documentation

SQL Doc generates full database documentation automatically, so you don't have to do it by hand. You can document a database with a couple of clicks in SSMS, satisfying audit requirements.

Team-wide benefits

Keep everyone on your team working to the same coding standards, with single-click, customizable code reformatting. You can also ensure everyone is up to date, with distributable database documentation.

Storage and capacity planning

Save storage space

Make the most of your existing storage with SQL Backup Pro. It will compress backup sizes by up to 95%, a higher compression than can be achieved through native backups.

Monitor disk capacity

SQL Monitor tracks database size and growth so you can proactively manage your space requirements. Use custom metrics, and set up alerts to let you know when your remaining disk space is low.</