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RapidSpell for .NET Apps

von Keyoti Inc.

Add spell checking to .NET Windows Forms applications

The most mature .NET Win Forms spell checker

RapidSpell Desktop .NET for WinForms was first released over 12 years ago, it has been refined by thousands of real world customer experiences to produce the current version, 5. As you type, user options, dialog mode, auto correct - it's all there, and stable!

No compromises, fit it into your app, with your style

Customizable UI and behavior - the open API lets you quickly add spell checking the way you want it.

Whether developing applications in C# or VB.NET, full code examples and demo projects are provided in both languages.

Quality dictionaries

The best, in-house sculpted dictionaries are a cut above the rest who often use open source dictionaries. Four English language variants and 17 extra dictionaries including medical and legal. All dictionaries are customizable.

Simple, but flexible, spell checking

Quickly integrate the refined web spell checker into your ASP.NET web application. Keyoti have dedicated over a decade to spell checking controls for web developers.

Make it your own

The open, comprehensive API lets you make it work your way, and fit your web application.

With license levels to suit all, from single websites to enterprise and OEM licensing.

Use it with any framework

Whether Javascript is your thing or not, easily add the minimal Javascript code to your app, it works on

  • ASP.NET (aspx, ascx etc)
  • MVC
  • Razor
  • HTML
  • ASP
  • AJAX & more

Global reach

4 English language variations (US, UK, CA, AU) included free of charge with 17 extra dictionaries also available, including medical and legal. All of which are modifiable.

Quick designer based usage with the flexibility of code-behind access

RapidSpell Web ASP.NET adds spell check functionality to your ASP.NET web applications and CMS. Simply drag-and-drop onto your aspx web page (Web Form) in Visual Studio or directly access the classes in a code behind page. No programming skills are required to use RapidSpell Web ASP.NET, with its strong Visual Studio design time support, making this control accessible to ASP.NET website designers.

Comprehensive ASP.NET text box support (plain, rich, custom)

Spell check any server or client side text boxes: <asp:textbox>, any Html text box component such as <textarea> and <input type='text'> and 3rd Party controls, such as Dart's ASP.NET PowerWEB TextBox, 'pinEdit' from Pintexx, 'HtmlTextBox' and more. The custom client side interface mechanism allows interaction with practically any component, for example flash based text boxes.

Minimal application footprint

By adding 2 <script src...> tags you automatically configure the spell checkers (as you type + dialog) to work with all text boxes in the form. Specific text boxes can also be ignored using nospell attributes or the Javascript API.

Go further than the basics

Surprise your users with fully featured spell check; as you type, dialog, user options, autocorrect and custom dictionaries.

Your beatiful WPF app needs a spell checker to match

RapidSpell WPF is built upon 12+ years of experience, it is pure .NET with a WPF front end that can be easily styled to fit in perfectly with your XAML UI.

High quality dictionaries for users across the world

We have millions of end users all over the globe, using the 21 dictionaries (including medical, legal and four English language variations).

Deliver to specification, no compromises

RapidSpell WPF is flexible first and foremost. The approach is openness, you can work with the minutia of the API to craft the spell check the way you want it.

Quick WPF integration

Either drag the RapidSpellDialog and RapidSpellAsYouType spelling controls into your XAML, or programmatically create in C# or VB.NET – and it really is just a few lines of code.

Includes 2 spelling controls; RapidSpellDialog for dialog based spell checking and the RapidSpellChecker engine to spell check strings.

Dialog spell checking for Silverlight

The RapidSpellDialog control provides all the familiar features of a dialog spell checker such as Ignore, Change All etc. Users can add words to a personal dictionary, undo and change user options. Users can select specific text and check only that selection or check whole documents with wrap at end.

User Options

RapidSpell Silverlight allows users (when enabled) to change multiple elements of the spell checking behavior such as ignoring words with digits, ignoring incorrect case etc.

Managing dictionaries

RapidSpell Silverlight includes Dict Manager which allows complete management of the main dictionaries.

Behavior and style that suits your app

The API architecture enables Silverlight developers to have complete power over the design and behavior of the control. The dialog user interface can be redesigned by editing the UI XAML in the Visual Studio designer, source is included in the demo projects. The behavior of the spell checking GUI can be customized by modifying the XAML codebehind or the presenter class (through subclassing).

Spell check multiple Silverlight textboxes

Additional text boxes can be spell checked at once using the same RapidSpell Silverlight control.

Full Silverlight SDK support

RapidSpell Silverlight includes dedicated DLLs for Microsoft Silverlight SDK v3, 4 and WP7.

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