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Sie haben hart gearbeitet, um Ihre Anwendungen zu entwickeln; die Bedürfnisse analysiert, die Benutzeroberfläche und die Features erstellt. Help Studio hilft Ihnen sicherzustellen, daß das Hilfe-System Ihrer Anwendung genauso beeindruckend und effektiv ist wie Ihre Anwendung selbst.


Help Authoring Made Easy

HelpStudio is the fastest, easiest way to create and publish procedures, documentation and help systems and integrate them with your desktop, web or mobile applications or components.

Generate output in cross-platform Browser Help, automatically responsive for tablet and mobile, HTML Help (CHM), Help 2.x, Microsoft Help Viewer (the Visual Studio Help Format) or printable PDF. Built in localization support means that you can take your help system to a global audience if required.

Author and Collaborate

HelpStudio seamlessly combines a feature packed WYSIWYG authoring environment, Html based layout templates and customizable Content Widgets to make it simple to create and localize consistent, professional looking help systems with the minimum of effort. No dependencies on Word or other editors and integrates with Source Control for Team Working and Collaboration.

Link Designer

Creating links in the content that you author improves the usability of your help by providing quick and easy access to related content. In HelpStudio you can create links between your content using standard hyperlinks, or See Also links that are grouped at the end of a given page.


Delivering great help content often requires a trade off between the time invested in creating dynamic content and the benefits it brings to the users of the content. You no longer need to comprimise - Widgets allow you to deliver dynamic content (e.g. drop down sections, enlarge in place images, colorized example code) without requiring any manual authoring effort and with no need to have HTML or Javascript knowledge. Simply drop a pre-defined Widget in your content and /HelpStudio will take care of the rest.

CSS Standards Based Styles Support

/Model.ProductCaption includes a variety of functionality for the creation, management and application of styles. Built around powerful web standard CSS, you can apply existing styles using the Style Picker, define new style rules or inline styles using the Style Editor and edit your Stylesheets in the built in Stylesheet editor.

Full Unicode Support

HelpStudio supports Unicode throughout, including Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Unicode support is not a high priced add-on, it is a fundamental feature of the core product.

Rich Content Authoring Environment

HelpStudio provides you with all the tools you need to author, build and publish great documentation, help or procedures with minimum friction.

Topic Editor

The Topic Editor provides powerful authoring functionality including a page map, table editing (row, column or cell cut/copy/paste, resize), unlimited undo, hyperlink designer, build flag highlighting. The Xhtml source editor includes intellisense and tag completion.

Single Sourcing

Single Sourcing means using a single project to create multiple outputs. In HelpStudio you can leverage Build Profiles, Build Flags, Project Properties, Rules and a range of filter options to create multiple outputs from a single project source.

Build Profiles and Build Flags

The end result of any HelpStudio project is an output (either a compiled help file, or browser help for web or Intranet publishing). A Build Profile represents a particular type of output. You can also use Build Profiles in combination with Build Flags to generate multiple outputs with different content. An example would be a 'Lite', 'Standard' and 'Professional' version of a software product, where the Help System for each has slightly different content, identified using Build Flags.

Project Properties

Create properties containing common information (e.g. a support email address, or a product name) that can then be used in Topic content, Topic Titles or Table of Contents nodes. If the common information changes, it only then needs updating in one place.

Booklet Editor

A HelpStudio project can contain any number of PDF Booklets. The PDF Booklet Editor is used to define the content and properties of a specific Booklet that you wish to generate. Easily add members to the booklet by dragging and dropping them from the Project Explorer or Table of Contents, or simply re-use the Table of Contents layout from your online ouptut.

Output to Compiled, Web, Tablet, Mobile and PDF

Output to Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer Cross Platform Web Help (automatically responsive for Tablet and Mobile), Html Help (CHM), Help 2.x (Visual Studio 2002-2008), Visual Studio Microsoft Help Viewer (Visual Studio 2010 - 2017) and Adobe Reader PDF from a single source and automatically publish to a web site, ftp server or network location.

Easily integrate the generated output with one of several popular Community Comment services.

Community Features

The generated output can be automatically integrated with a range of Community Providers (Facebook, Disqus, Livefyre or SolidOpinion) allowing you to include rich community features in your help systems.

Help 2.x (Visual Studio 2002-2008)

Help 2.x is a compiled help format used by Visual Studio 2002-2008. You would choose this format if you need to integrate your generated documentation with these Visual Studio versions. The Help 2.x viewer includes a Table of Contents, Index and Full Text Search.

Microsoft Help Viewer

Microsoft Help Viewer is the help technology used by Visual Studio 2010-2015. Building Microsoft Help Viewer output and integrating your documentation with Microsoft Help Viewer ensures that help for the assemblies you document is only ever an F1 key press away to Visual Studio users.

Publish to network path, ftp, Azure and IIS

Your built documentation can be automatically published to a range of locations; a network path, ftp server, Azure web site or IIS (Internet Information Services) Server. Publishing recongizes which files have changed in the last build, so publishing is quick and minimizes network traffic.

Cross Platform Browser Help

Browser Help output is viewable directly in the web browser, so is the ideal format for publishing documentation on a web site or intranet site. The browser help output includes a Table of Contents, Index and Full Text Search.

Html Help 1.x (CHM)

Html Help 1.x (CHM) is the Microsoft Windows compiled help file format. When building to CHM, the output is a single file that can be deployed to, and viewed on, any machine with Windows installed. The CHM viewer includes a Table of Contents, Index and Full Text Search.

PDF Booklet

Generate PDF booklets from the whole project content or a sub-section of Topics. The generated booklet can include a Table of Contents and Index. PDF Booklet output leverages the same HTML based templates as web output so is easy to customize and extend to your own requirements.

Tablet and Mobile Support

The automatically generated responsive support allows you to generate a single output that automatically adapts to the device profile; delivering an optimal browsing experience for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile from a single output. Tablet and Mobile devices benefit from buttonized links, a button based fly out Table of Contents and other automatic features that dramatically improve the end user experience.

Was ist neu in 2019.1?

Visual Studio 2019 Integration

Output that targets Microsoft Help Viewer will automatically register with Microsoft Help Viewer if it is installed locally, a link to view the generated output will be included in the Build Results and batch files will be generated with the commands necessary to deploy help to Microsoft Help Viewer on other machines.

Azure DevOps 2019 Support

Support for Source Control integration with Azure DevOps 2019. A local installation of Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 is required to use Azure DevOps Source Control integration.

Detailed Feature Comparison

The comparison table below outlines in detail the functionality present in Document! X, HelpStudio and the Document! X and HelpStudio Bundle so you can pick the product that is right for your requirement.

 Document! XHelpStudioDocument! X & HelpStudio Bundle
Content Authoring
Conceptual Topic Authoring
Create free format topics, e.g. tutorials, procedures, how-to guides etc. You decide the Topic Structure and organize your Topics in the Table of Contents editor.
Automated Reference Documentation
Automate the production of reference documentation for a wide range of technical items including .NET and Silverlight Assemblies, COM Components, Java Projects, Databases, XSD Schemas, Javascript and Web Services.
Reference Documentation Authoring
Author additional content for reference documentation items, including colorized examples and see also links as well as descriptive content, using the Content File Editor. Create rules based content that applies to many items automatically using the AutoDoc File Editor.
Single Sourcing
Create all of your different outputs from a single project by using Build Flags and Build Profiles.
Style Editing
Style Picker, Style Editor and Stylesheet File Editor make it simple for you to leverage the power of CSS styles in your content.
A fully customizable library of content functionality that requires no manual scripting and can be configured for different outputs without any change to content. Standard widgets include dynamic images (click to expand thumbnails), drop down sections, colorized example code sections, tab strips, twitter feeds and more.
Content Snippets
Reduce duplication by creating re-usable snippets of content using drag and drop.
PDF Booklets
Generate PDF Booklets.
Import from Word, CHM, Help 2.x, RoboHelp
Leverage your existing legacy content by importing directly from a wide range of other content sources.
Visual Studio Comment Editor
A visual comment editor integrated with Visual Studio® 2010-2017 allows you to author Xml format source comments directly within a preview of the generated page. All content is written back to the source as standard Xml comment format.
Compiled help (CHM, Help 2.x, Microsoft Help Viewer)
Full support for all the Microsoft platform compiled help formats including the new Visual Studio® 2010-2019 Microsoft Help Viewer.
Web Help
Web ready plain html output for publishing on a intranet or internet web site, or for viewing from a local directory.
PDF Booklets
Generate PDF Booklets, including a Table of Contents and Index, using existing content you have authored for online help. Links, images and widgets are all automatically converted to be suitable for a printable output.
Automatically publish your generated outputs to a web site (Azure, IIS Web Deploy, Ftp and File System Directory Publishing Targets are supported) or directory path (local or network).
Project Tools
Link and Spell Check, Find and Replace
Validate the Hyperlinks and See Also links throughout your project. Find and Replace, including regular expression support.
Image Tools
Screen capture, image editing, thumbnail and markup tools integrated directly with the application.
Glossary Editor
Create a Glossary Page defining commonly used terms and have the definitions appear as hover popups where they are used in your content.
Project Index Editor
Work with a project wide view of the index to get a clear view of which index keywords link to which topics. Note that even without the Project Index Editor you can still define custom index keywords in the Topic Editor.
Author and generated output for multiple locales within a single project.
Localization Export and Import
Export content in XLIFF or XML format in order to use the services of a third party translation provider to assist with your localization. Use the Localization Report to identify content that requires localization.
Team and Community
Source Control Integration
Use Team Foundation Server, SourceSafe, SourceGear Vault or Subversion to collaborate with other team members. Fine grained integration allows different individuals to work on different project elements simultaneously.
Community and Discussion Features
Automatically include community and discussion features using Disqus, Facebook, SolidOpinion or Livefyre by simply enabling a single project setting.
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