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Essential Studio for WPF

von Syncfusion Inc.

Alle WPF Komponenten, die Sie benötigen in einem einzigen Paket.

Essential Studio for WPF bietet eine umfassende Suite mit über 90 Komponenten, einschließlich der schnellsten Grafik und Raster. 

Mit über 90 Komponenten enthält das WPF-Toolkit alles, was Sie zum Erstellen von Branchenanwendungen benötigen, einschließlich gängiger Widgets wie Datenraster, Diagramm, Gantt, Diagramm, Tabellenkalkulation, Zeitplan, Pivot-Raster und mehr.

Build touch-friendly apps for Microsoft Surface

Easily deliver Windows 10-style touch applications using WPF and our touch-friendly components. You can easily transition to native Windows 10 applications since our UWP components share the same API as our WPF components.

Unparalleled performance

Performance is critical for delivering a good user experience. We ensure that all our components have been designed and built to achieve the best performance possible.

Stunning built-in themes

All WPF components ship with several stunning built-in themes, and customizing their appearance is easy.

Test automation frameworks supported

Popular test automation frameworks like HP QTP/UFT and coded-UI are supported. All components include complete support for MVVM enabling you to create robust, scalable, and testable applications. They’re also fully compliant with popular accessibility standards like Section 508 and VPAT.

Localization simplified

All components can be easily customized to use resources for different locales.

Stay current

With our commitment to at least four major updates per year, you receive the most up-to-date functionality and new components in addition to monthly service packs and bug fixes. Custom patches are available as needed.

Seamless integration with Visual Studio

Complete integration with Visual Studio includes toolbox integration, an enhanced designer experience, NuGet support, and IntelliSense comments.

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