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HTML5 JavaScript Komponenten-Suite. Es spielt keine Rolle, welche Plattform oder Technologie Sie verwenden - Angular, React, ASP.NET MVC oder etwas anderes. DevExtreme ist genau das, was Sie brauchen, um reaktionsschnelle Web-Apps für Touch-Geräte und herkömmliche Desktops zu erstellen.

Data Grid

A Feature-Complete HTML5 JavaScript Data Grid Widget

The blazing-fast DevExtreme HTML5 Data Grid is a feature-rich data shaping and editing client-side widget which allows your end users to easily manage information and display it on-screen as business requirements dictate.

Pivot Grid

Client-Side Widget Optimized for Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis

The HTML5 Pivot Grid ships with an optimized client side data engine which can process up to 1,000,000 records on the fly directly inside the browser.


Collection of High-Performance Data Visualization Widgets

DevExtreme data visualization widgets allow you to transform data to its most concise and readable visual representation. All chart, gauge and range selector widgets can be composed into beautiful, informative dashboards that effectively convey intelligence at a single glance.

Tree List

Client-Side Tree View and List View Hybrid

An intuitive and easy to use widget that combines the power of a traditional HTML5 Grid and a TreeView in a single UI element.


Google, Bing, and Vector Maps

DevExtreme Map widgets provide interactive maps that can be customized by using different providers and data sources.

UI Widgets

50+ Touch-Optimized Client Side Controls

DevExtreme ships with a comprehensive collection of touch-enabled accessibility-ready UI widgets with full keyboard support. They were built to create amazing user experiences for desktop and mobile browsers.


Angular/React/Vue, TypeScript, ASP.NET Core, Razor Syntax and More

Built-in low-level integration allows you to use DevExtreme widgets in Angular, Vue, React, Ionic, ASP.NET MVC, or ASP.NET Core frameworks. Data bind using the familiar concepts of modern JavaScript frameworks — use the technologies you know and love.



WinForms Controls      
WPF Controls      
ASP.NET WebForms Controls      
ASP.NET MVC Extensions      
ASP.NET MVC Client-Side Controls    
ASP.NET Core Controls    
ASP.NET Core Office Controls      
ASP.NET Bootstrap Controls      
JavaScript - jQuery, Angular, React, Vue    
Blazor UI Components      
UWP Controls        
XPO - ORM Library
Office File API (Basic)  
Office File API (Complete)          
Data Visualization Dashboard          
XAF - App Framework          
Native Mobile UI Controls          
CodeRush Classic        
TestCafe Studio: Functional Web Testing          
Coded UI Support for WinForms Controls          
Source Code *      
Technical Support
Priority Support        

 * DevExpress does not include/ship source code for certain products, including CodeRush, TestCafe Studio, and Report Server.