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Mit SoftwareFX Gauges können Softwareentwickler auf einfache Weise digitale Instrumententafeln entwickeln, die sich durch die hohe Produktivität, Konsistenz und Zuverlässigkeit auszeichnen, die man von anderen Software FX-Produkten kennt.

Chart FX Gauges

Easily create realistic dashboards with beautiful Gauges 

Chart FX Gauges delivers a set of .NET components that allow developers to quickly and effectively integrate gauges into their client-server and web-based applications. With the addition of Gauges to the Chart FX family of products, developers can easily create digital dashboards with the productivity, consistency and reliability they've come to appreciate from other Software FX products.

The smartest set of features to display visually friendly data

Gauges Defaults

The Chart FX Gauges default gauge is pre-customized based on the desired gauge type you have selected. Carefully selected cosmetics such as gradients and color palettes as well as other important gauge elements such as borders, needles, indicators and other elements will be applied based on the selected gauge and size for maximizing visual appeal with minimal intervention. This feature allows developers to focus their attention on the functional aspect of the application rather than having to configure visuals or other platform specific issues. 

Complete Gauges Collection

Chart FX Gauges is composed of four controls: Radial Gauge, Horizontal Gauge, Vertical Gauge, and Digital Panel. In addition to these general controls, any combination of these controls can be combined via a collection of inner gauges to form complex gauges as necessary.             

Superior design-time experience

Chart FX Gauges introduces an extensive and graphical properties list providing a rich and intuitive design time experience. All gauge elements and items can be configured visually, right in the properties list without the need for modal dialogs or separate designers which alienate Visual Studio’s development experience and ultimately leading to confusion and disparate development practices when using out-of-the-box controls.

This powerful feature allows you to add rich and attractive gauges to your form in minutes by manipulating:

Look and Feel: Providing access to the styles of any of the elements (borders, needles, caps and other visual elements), which comprise a gauge.

Palettes and Colors: Sets the color of all elements in a gauge at once and allows you to preview its appearance with a single click of a button without running the application. Actually, the palettes are similar to AutoFormat, which allows you to choose one of the many options and apply it to the gauge. Chart FX Gauges provides pallets similar to other Software FX products so visual consistency is maintained when used in conjunction with other data visualization controls.

Layout: Sets the position of different elements in the gauge relative to the border of the control or by using a graphical anchor point based on the border shape. For elements requiring angles, a graphical selector allows you to position elements and scales accurately for both web forms and windows forms applications.

Highly-Detailed Graphics

Each individual element that goes into creating a gauge is meticulously crafted by professional graphic artists. These elements combine to create a photo-realistic gauge complete with shadows, lighting and glare effects.

Chart FX Gauges harnesses the power of AJAX to enable powerful real-time capabilities in both Windows and Web Forms applications. 

Studio FX Premium Subscription

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