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Dokument! X automatisiert die Erstellung und Pflege von Dokumentationen für Microsoft .NET Assemblies, Visual Basic / VBA / VB.NET Quellcode, Datenbanken, kompilierte COM Komponenten und Typbibliotheken. Dokument! X erstellt automatisch komplette und genaue professionelle Dokumentation für Ihre Komponenten, Anwendungen und Datenbanken.


Documentation Made Easy

Document! X is a combination of an automated documentation tool and a full authoring environment which can be used to create, publish and maintain accurate, professional quality documentation for .NET, Web Services, Databases, XSD Schemas, COM Components and Type Libraries, Java and Javascript.

Document! X is not just an automated documentation build tool - it includes a fully featured documentation authoring environment allowing you to supplement the automatically generated content where required.

Sample Outputs

These sample outputs illustrate how much can be generated by Document! X right out of the box. All of the Document! X Templates are fully customizable and can be easily adapted or extended to meet your specific requirements.

Database Documentation, Table Page

Page generated for a Table, including Properties, Columns, Indexes, Relationships and SQL Source (where available). Also includes dependencies if documenting a Sql Server database.

Web Service Documentation, GET Operation Page

Page generated for a GET Operation in a REST Web Service. Details the parameters, request/response data types and any fault responses.

Web Service Documentation, Method Page

Page generated for a SOAP Web Service method. Details the parameters, request/response data types and any fault responses.

Web Service and XSD Schema Documentation, Diagrams

Schema diagrams are automatically generated for web service operations that use XSD Types and XSD documentation pages.

.NET Documentation, Class Overview Page

Overview of a .NET class, including an automatically generated Object Relationship Diagram, Inheritance Hierarchy and Syntax in multiple .NET languages.

.NET Documentation, Constructor Overload Page

Page for a specific .NET constructor overload, including a link to the method summary page listing other overloads.

COM Documentation, Class Overview Page

Overview of the COM class, including an automatically generated Object Relationship Diagram.

XSD Documentation, Complex Type Page

Page generated for an XSD Complex Type, including a type diagram, overview data tree and XSD Source Code.

Javascript Documentation, Method Page

Page generated for a Javascript method, documenting the syntax and parameters.

Visual Studio Integration

Document! X integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio® 2010-2017 . Documentation Projects can be created, opened and built directly from your Visual Studio solution. A Visual Comment Editor is included for creating and maintaining your source code comments in Visual Basic .NET, C#, C++/CLI and F# source code.

Author and maintain your Visual Basic .NET, C#, C++/CLI or F# source code comments directly within a preview of how the generated documentation will look.

Visual Studio Comment Editor

The Document! X Visual Studio Visual Comment Editor provides a unique fully Visual Editor for your VB.NET, C# or C++/CLI source code comments, integrated directly with the Visual Studio IDE. The Visual Comment Editor allows you to create and edit Xml comments in a WYSIWYG preview of the generated documentation.

Standard Xml Source Comments

Even though you can author your content in a fully WYSIWYG editor, comments created or edited with the Visual Comment Editor are written back to your source code in standard XML source comment format.

Your .NET Language of Choice

Document! X can document assemblies created with any Visual Studio language. The Visual Comment Editor supports C#, Visual Basic, C++/CLI and F# projects.

Build from Visual Studio

Build your documentation projects directly from Visual Studio. Integrate Document! X with your team build using the provided command line build .exe, msbuild task or Workflow activity.

Was ist neu in 2019.1?

.NET Core and .NET Standard Support

Full support for documenting .NET Core and .NET Standard assemblies, including automatic resolution of dependencies.

Visual Studio 2019 Integration

Integration with the release version of Visual Studio 2019 (all versions), including the Visual Comment Editor for authoring C#, Visual Basic and C++/CLI code xml comments.

Output that targets Microsoft Help Viewer will automatically register with Microsoft Help Viewer if it is installed locally, a link to view the generated output will be included in the Build Results and batch files will be generated with the commands necessary to deploy help to Microsoft Help Viewer on other machines.

Azure DevOps 2019 Support

Support for Source Control integration with Azure DevOps 2019. A local installation of Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 is required to use Azure DevOps Source Control integration.

Detailed Feature Comparison

The comparison table below outlines in detail the functionality present in Document! X, HelpStudio and the Document! X and HelpStudio Bundle so you can pick the product that is right for your requirement.

 Document! XHelpStudioDocument! X & HelpStudio Bundle
Content Authoring
Conceptual Topic Authoring
Create free format topics, e.g. tutorials, procedures, how-to guides etc. You decide the Topic Structure and organize your Topics in the Table of Contents editor.
Automated Reference Documentation
Automate the production of reference documentation for a wide range of technical items including .NET and Silverlight Assemblies, COM Components, Java Projects, Databases, XSD Schemas, Javascript and Web Services.
Reference Documentation Authoring
Author additional content for reference documentation items, including colorized examples and see also links as well as descriptive content, using the Content File Editor. Create rules based content that applies to many items automatically using the AutoDoc File Editor.
Single Sourcing
Create all of your different outputs from a single project by using Build Flags and Build Profiles.
Style Editing
Style Picker, Style Editor and Stylesheet File Editor make it simple for you to leverage the power of CSS styles in your content.
A fully customizable library of content functionality that requires no manual scripting and can be configured for different outputs without any change to content. Standard widgets include dynamic images (click to expand thumbnails), drop down sections, colorized example code sections, tab strips, twitter feeds and more.
Content Snippets
Reduce duplication by creating re-usable snippets of content using drag and drop.
PDF Booklets
Generate PDF Booklets.
Import from Word, CHM, Help 2.x, RoboHelp
Leverage your existing legacy content by importing directly from a wide range of other content sources.
Visual Studio Comment Editor
A visual comment editor integrated with Visual Studio® 2010-2017 allows you to author Xml format source comments directly within a preview of the generated page. All content is written back to the source as standard Xml comment format.
Compiled help (CHM, Help 2.x, Microsoft Help Viewer)
Full support for all the Microsoft platform compiled help formats including the new Visual Studio® 2010-2019 Microsoft Help Viewer.
Web Help
Web ready plain html output for publishing on a intranet or internet web site, or for viewing from a local directory.
PDF Booklets
Generate PDF Booklets, including a Table of Contents and Index, using existing content you have authored for online help. Links, images and widgets are all automatically converted to be suitable for a printable output.
Automatically publish your generated outputs to a web site (Azure, IIS Web Deploy, Ftp and File System Directory Publishing Targets are supported) or directory path (local or network).
Project Tools
Link and Spell Check, Find and Replace
Validate the Hyperlinks and See Also links throughout your project. Find and Replace, including regular expression support.
Image Tools
Screen capture, image editing, thumbnail and markup tools integrated directly with the application.
Glossary Editor
Create a Glossary Page defining commonly used terms and have the definitions appear as hover popups where they are used in your content.
Project Index Editor
Work with a project wide view of the index to get a clear view of which index keywords link to which topics. Note that even without the Project Index Editor you can still define custom index keywords in the Topic Editor.
Author and generated output for multiple locales within a single project.
Localization Export and Import
Export content in XLIFF or XML format in order to use the services of a third party translation provider to assist with your localization. Use the Localization Report to identify content that requires localization.
Team and Community
Source Control Integration
Use Team Foundation Server, SourceSafe, SourceGear Vault or Subversion to collaborate with other team members. Fine grained integration allows different individuals to work on different project elements simultaneously.
Community and Discussion Features
Automatically include community and discussion features using Disqus, Facebook, SolidOpinion or Livefyre by simply enabling a single project setting.
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